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    Legislative Action Committees (LACs) exist to represent the interests of, and to provide regular communications to, CAI members and chapters located within their boundaries with respect to state legislative, regulatory, and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations. LAC delegates are nominated by the chapters and by the LAC itself, and volunteer their time and energy to benefit all CAI members.

    In Texas, we are working with the Texas Community Association Advocates.

    The Texas Legislature begins its 85th Regular Session on January 10th, 2017, and Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) looks forward to a productive and successful session for community associations and the homeowners they serve. Since the Texas Legislature only meets in regular session for a few months every other year, it is important for TCAA and its members to hit the ground running. Preparations are already well underway to ensure the continued protection and support of community associations across the state. Click here to view full report.

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