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    Building Better Communities

    Community Associations Institute (CAI) is the only international organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations. Our mission is to assist community associations in promoting harmony, community, and responsible leadership. We believe that by giving board members, managers, and homeowners the knowledge to better run their associations, they can turn "owners" into "neighbors," increasing harmony, and leading to more prosperous, safer communities. 

    Putting unity into community

    Founded in 1973, Community Associations Institute (CAI) is an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities. With more than 32,000 members, CAI works in partnership with 60 chapters, including a chapter in South Africa, as well as with housing leaders in a number of other countries, including Australia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. CAI provides information, education and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them. CAI members include association board members and other homeowner leaders, community managers, association management firms and other professionals who provide products and services to associations.

    CAI serves community associations and homeowners by:

    • Advancing excellence through seminars, workshops, conferences and education programs, most of which lead to professional designations for community managers and other industry professionals.

    • Publishing the largest collection of resources available on community association management and governance, including website content, books, guides, Common Ground magazine and specialized newsletters.

    • Advocating on behalf of common-interest communities and industry professionals before legislatures, regulatory bodies and the courts.

    • Conducting research and serving as an international clearinghouse for information, innovations and best practices in community association development, governance and management.

    We believe homeowner and condominium associations should strive to exceed the expectations of their residents. We work toward this goal by identifying and meeting the evolving needs of the professionals and volunteers who serve associations, by being a trusted forum for the collaborative exchange of knowledge and information, and by helping our members learn, achieve and excel. Our mission is to inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship-ideals reflected in associations that are preferred places to call home. Visit or call (888) 224-4321

    The CAI Promise

    In CAI, you'll find a friendly and accessible forum to develop relationships, increase your knowledge, and help shape the future of our communities. CAI offers a host of resources that will help you excel. By utilizing these resources, you can:

    • Develop the skills you need to successfully manage your association | CAI offers education courses on both the national and local levels in a variety of formats for board members, homeowners, managers, and other professionals.
    • Build relationships that will help you succeed | CAI chapters, our national conferences, and our education courses provide opportunities to develop relationships with others in the industry who can help you succeed.
    • Discover resources that will give you the answers | CAI's publishing division, Community Associations Press, publishes the largest collection of books and guides available on community association management and operations.
    • Move your career onto the fast track | CAI's designations programs and Professional Management Development Program, offered through the National organization, recognizes your achievements and continuing education opportunities that can help you get ahead.
    • Expand your thinking | CAI conducts research and acts as a clearinghouse for information on innovations and best practices in community association creation and management.  (Best Practices can be found in our Resource Center
    • Protect your interests | CAI advocates community association interests before legislatures, regulatory bodies, and the courts. (Local legislation information can be found in our Resource Center)
    • Deepen your knowledge | What issues affect your community association? Our monthly newsletter is filled with hot topics, legislative updates, industry news scans, manager & homeowner perspectives, vendor tips, community spotlights, and much more! That's why association board members, homeowners, service providers, and legislators in our area look to the Chapter for industry information, answers to problems, and professional development. 

      CAI's National award-winning magazine, Common Ground, and several specialized newsletters provide in-depth analyses of legislative trends as well as practical articles about community association finance, law, and management.


    Benefits of Joining

    The value of a CAI membership continues to become invaluable. The level of services and expertise you receive is second to none!

    Our Chapter offers benefits to all members, whether you are an individual homeowner, a community manager, or a professional selling to and servicing the industry.